how to install google analytics on your wordpress blogg, step by f…ing step

No, i don`t know how to do that, and no I did not get help to do it.

  1. Follow the instructions that NKS gave you in the first part of your cours.
  2. Follow the link in that instruction, it goes to WordPress.

    technology,.... It`s a love/hate relationship. Today it is all hate

    technology,…. It`s a love/hate relationship. Today it is all hate

  3. Use a lot of time to get an OK blogg
  4. Blogg your first paper
  5. Go to step 2, it states that you should add Google analytics
  6. Watch the instruction video
  7. Realize that you don`t have the same tools that your teacher uses in the video
  8. Panic!
  9. Google it, then google it again. (no I did not find a solution)
  10. Try everything you can find in you blogg menu
  11. End up buying an upgrade to your blog, to get google analytics (79$ !!!!)
  12. Realize that it still doesn`t work
  13. Google it again….
  14. Ask your teacher for help
  15. Get this “helpful” respond:
    I get that this is frustrating. Many people have been frustrated befor you. There are many ways to reach your goal, and the way to your destination change while you walk 🙂
    A common characteristic of people with success is that they never give up!
    Since I dont know how you have set it up, it is difficult for me to give you a direct instruction.
    Google it! (really, you don`t say)
    Don`t give up.
  16. Throw something at a wall (it helps more than the helpful respond)
  17. Breath….
  18. Respond back that another common thing for successful people is that they are able to ask for help when needed
  19. After 8 more mails back and forth, realize that step 1 was a mistake. So was step 2. The link goes to the wrong page…. (seriously!!!! I want to scream)
  20. The mistake? The blogg is hosted by… (of course it is, it is where the link in step 2 takes you)
  21. It might be changed so no one else do the same mistake, but you are still screwed.
  22. Blogg your rage away
  23. Go to bed, wishing you have been smart enough to take economics instead (and yes, i really hate that)

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