So much to do, and so little time to do it

If you are a student, you very well know what I am talking about. Yes, it`s that time of year again….

By the beginning of this semester I had 18 papers do before my final exams. I started my semester in june…. By the beginning of this week I had 15 left. 15!!!! So naturally I have spent this week deciding what I am going to study next year, ordering my courses, making next years plans and so on. (yes, there are lists involved, and there are many of them) Makes no sense, I know.

But it works for me. I have read most of my books, I am pretty much ready to start writing. It is just a matter of getting started. Easier said than done! So these days you will find me in front of the TV, sleeping on my sofa in the middle of the day, or just staring at a wall. Again, it makes no sense! But I have my notebook with me. And although I might seem or/and sound useless, my mind is still working. (I call it think-time)


This is how it looks like, my organized chaos

So in between naps and TV-time I have managed to get one paper in, and 4 papers almost ready to type into my computer. By the end of this week I will have only 10 papers left. Hopefully! And 3 of them are in statistics. I have struggeles with those for 2 years. I am starting to think it is some sort of trick course. Maybe I am not supposed to understand it? Who does statistics whit a pen and a paper anyway? In the real world we have computers!


Statistics about russians playing russian roulette (???)

But still, it has been a productive week. Have you ever noticed how, when you already have piles of things to be done, that is the time you decide to add more? Or am I the only one who work this way? Anyway that is what I did this time too:

  • I started a diet, always a good idea when you are stressing, no?

It is good, I promise.

  • I started a new way of working out…. (no I am not going to tell you that it is wonderfull, and that I am filled with new energy. Just so you know, my entire body hurts, and I have trouble walking the stairs)
  • I am trying to decide on how to get to Florida in April to watch hockey for sevaral days. (there`s a sentence I never thought I would say)
  • And I volunteered to blog for my school. (since the working out part did not work for more energy, I am happy to inform you that this one did. The one in charge of this at the school, Ingrid, is so positive. It makes my day everytime I get an new email from her.)

It is all going pretty well actually. Sometimes, the more you have to do, the more you get done! I am dead tired this week, but I have gotten a lot of things done. I am going to celebrate that fact with one of my cousins, pizza and maybe some redwine today. Because I deserve it! So high five for napping and watching TV, it is indeed hard work!


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