Challenge is GOLD!

When I first started to study again, I chose Economics. Big mistake! But that mistake helped me discover a hole bunch of other possibilities. The only thing I have to do, is keep challenging myself.

Easy as that! If you ever did study, you know that you start every semester with an expectation of how it is going to turn out. Perhaps you have a favourite topic, one you can`t wait to get started on. At least that is how it works for me. And do you know what? I get it wrong EVERY time!

Last semester it was recruitment, I struggeled with it all year. Really struggeled! I actually hated it. I managed to crack the code the day befor my final exam and ended up with a “B”. That is by far, the best “B” i have ever gotten. The topic I did not look forward to was Leading of Personnel. Solely based on my experience with the class in “Leadership” the year before. (In retrospective that was probably due to the most boring book ever written.)


just hanging around with my books, I will see the rest of the world by the end of january

But in the Leading of Personnel class, I got an “A”. And it wasn`t even hard, I was just really good at it. That feeling, it is just magical! So I have continued on the same path. Not the Personnel one, but the one of personal challenges. This semester it is Digital Marketing. And if you have read the blog from the start, you know I am definitely out of my comfortzone here. This year I looked forward to the Employment Law course. Again, I got it all wrong.

Thinking that I could use the exact same set of laws that I used in the Leading of Personnel class the same way in this class. Big mistake! This guy obviously wants his students to be wrong, and corrects things even if they were correct in the first place. It is safe to say that me and my teacher do not agree on anything, but that is a hole different story. (yes, there will be an official complaint to the school)

The story was supposed to be of Digital Marketing. Because, do you know what? I am starting to really enjoy it. The litterature is interesting, the lectures are made of people that seems to love their field of work (the effect that has on students is crucial) and Last but not least I am learning things that I could actually see myself use. And even if one of my books ended up getting thrown at a wall a couple of weeks ago, I am now a big fan of the feedback I get. It might have something to do with my level of stress too, as I am starting to feel more comfortable with the topics.

I almoste applied for a job as Junior Online Marketeer today, that is how excited I have gotten about it. Still lots to learn, but yet again I have found a brand new field of interest. And the only reason I found it, was by challenging myself.

So next year, I will take it one step further. I have chosen Economics. By my own free will. (I promise, no one even held a gun to my head) I have chosen it because I need it. The only thing keeping me from going for the MBA i Marketing, is the fact that it contains a lot of Economics related topics. But to get there, I first need to finish of this semester. 10 papers to go. Hopefully by tonight I will have only 9 left. So Christmas vacation will not happend this year either. Maybe next year….


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