I just turned 30, and do you know what? Nothing bad really happend. Even though I didn`t accomplish any of the big goals in life. You know, the kids, the husband, the great job, the great education and so on.

The drinking of champagne, and the crying for the last minutes of my twenties, was all for NOTHING. Rather disappoiting really.

So I decided to take the oppertunity, the one of still beeing alive and healthy despite the lack of accomplishment, and start doing.IMG_0663

So instead of dreaming like i did the last ten years, the next ten are going to be all about doing. I made my self a small list:

  1. Get that work experience I need to get my dream job (ongoing)
  2. Figure out what my dream job really is
  3. Finish my Bachelor`s degree in Busniness Administration and Management (DONE)
  4. Finish my Bachelor`s degree in Psychology (yes, I needed a hobby while studying the business topics (ans yes again, I got hooked on education))
  5. Start AND finish a Master`s degree (startet my Master of Management at BI)

So: ready, set, GO!

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